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PACQUET MECANIQUE GENERALE was first founded by Denis PACQUET in 1976 and the company quickly became renowned for its savoir-faire. Expansion and improved working conditions followed in the 1980s: new machines were acquired and new offices were built. PACQUET was soon to become well-known for their commitment and expert work on the domestic market. In 1995, Samuel PACQUET took over the family business and ran the company into further business and technical development.  New impetus, new premises: in 2007, the company moved to HONDSCHOOTE. Since then, our expert professionals have been using their tools to machine our tailored mechanical parts. Later in 2013, PACQUET MECANIQUE GENERALE then acquired its new mane and became PACQUET PRODUCTION MECANIQUE.


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PACQUET PRODUCTION MECANIQUE understood that high-precision work is mandatory to meet the requirements of industry. A clean and tidy workshop together with complete synergy between men and tools: here is what our constant search for perfection is all about. The company is currently highly involved in getting MASE and ISO certified as a means of ensuring its commitment to meeting the market’s requirements. Producing high-quality mechanical parts in a perfectly suited working environment: this is what industry helping industry should always be.

How mechanics work in PPM


From basic mechanical parts to high precision mechanics

– Tailor-made machining from plans or existing parts supplied as models
– Production from limited to larger quantities
– Treatment and completion
– Mounting and assembly processes

A modern and ever-changing pool of tools

– 2, 3 and 5 axis machining centres
– 2, 3 and 5 axis CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tools

Inspection procedures

– Plugs and gauges
– Measurement machines
– Surface roughness measuring machine
– Dimensional metrology laboratory and CNC machine with three-dimensional measurement system